SpaceUp Pisa 2018 - The third Space Unconference in Italy
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What is a SpaceUp?

The first ever SpaceUp took place in San Diego in 2010. But what exactly is a “SpaceUp“?
SpaceUps are space “unconferences” where, as the name suggests, participants decide the topic, the schedule and the structure of the event. Everyone is, indeed, encouraged to give a talk, a round-table session or to just simply share ideas about space exploration, space engineering, astronomy and so on.


From 2010 the SpaceUp community has grown and many unconferences were held around the world. Here in Italy there were the SpaceUp Rome in 2015 and the SpaceUp Milan in 2016.
SpaceUp Pisa will be, so, the third Space Unconference in Italy!


Don’t miss this chance to join us!


Pisa, Italy


May 5-6, 2018

Keynote speakers

During the 2-day event, there will also be sessions held by experts and professionals.

Find out more about them!

Dario Kubler


Engineering Manager at Microchip Technology and Founder of ADAA

He owns a master in Electronic Engineering from the Milan Polytechnic and he is the Engineering Manager at Microchip Technology, a multinational company in the semiconductor market. In 2016 founded “ADAA” (Associazione per la Divulgazione Astronomica e Astronautica) an emerging association in the Italian realm of divulgation. In the astronautical field he participated to the “RLI” (Italian Lunar Radiometer) project under the direction of Dr. Claudio Maccone, in 2011 he contributed to the construction of CASPER, the Apollo Command Module replica on display at the Volandia museum, where he reconstructed a fully working and faithful replica of the onboard Apollo computer (AGC/DSKY) used to navigate to the Moon. Dario is a public lecturer with a specialization in astronomical and scientific subjects.

Simona Gallerani


Assistant Professor at Scuola Normale Superiore

Simona Gallerani is Assistant Professor at Scuola Normale Superiore and member of the Cosmology group at the Class of Science. She got her PhD in 2007 at the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste. Her PhD Thesis was awarded the Gratton Prize for the best Italian PhD Thesis in 2007-2008. Her research activity is focused on the physical properties of the first galaxies and quasars formed after the Big Bang. She has published more than 70 papers (more than 50 in peer-reviewed journals) with more than 1800 citations. She is involved in several observational programs (e.g. ALMA) some of them based on space telescopes (e.g Chandra). She is lecturer of the Astrobiology course at the SNS.

Speaker #3

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Tickets will be available from the 19th of February.
One ticket includes:

One entry for two days

Daily breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch


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Piazza San Paolo a Ripa D’Arno, Centro Congressi Le Benedettine